St Kenelm’s Well

St Kenelm’s Well

A circular walk along the drive to Sudeley Castle before ascending the side of the valley up to St Kenelm’s Well. Fine views of Winchcombe and the surrounding countryside.

Distance: 4 miles/ 6.4 kms
Duration: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Start/finish: Back Lane car park – £1 all day. Toilets 20p in car park.
Refreshments: Sudeley Castle and Winchcombe
Ascent: 688 feet/209 metres

Leave Back Lane car park via the far corner access into Cowl Lane. Turn right and follow the road to the High Street.

Turn right and after approximately 60 metres turn left into Vineyard Street. Cross the River Isbourne, head up the slope and where the road bends to the right, keep straight ahead entering the grounds of Sudeley Castle, passing the castellated Almsbury Lodge on your left.

Follow the main driveway, crossing the lake by the bridge and continue gently uphill to a field gate on your right A. Go through the gate keeping the play area on your left and head to a wooden gate.

Go through the wooden gate taking the path to the left, (there are 2 path signs indicated on the gate). Follow the path to the far left corner of the field. (The Home Parks). Go through the gate and turn left. B. In 20 metres pass through another gate and walk ahead with trees and a farm track to your left.

In 200 metres follow the field boundary to the right and again, after a further 200 metres turn left through a gate to walk gently uphill towards a house.

At the top, in front of the house, go through a wooden gate on to a lane. C (To shorten the route turn left at C and follow the lane to a T-junction. Turn left and point E is ahead on right). Turn right onto the lane and immediately left along the signposted Wardens’ Way, until you meet another lane. Turn left and follow the lane uphill. Where the hill levels out, turn left at the signpost, go through the gate and skirt around the right hand field boundary to meet two stiles in quick succession entering the woodland. Follow the path for 200 metres and enter a narrow field. D

Walk along the woodland edge to a road. Turn left onto the tarmac road and walk downhill to Sudeley Hill Farm. At the farm sign by the farm E, turn sharp right through a gate and walk up the field to a gate at the top. Go through and keep ahead to a track. Bear left onto the track, through a gate and pass the stone building of St.Kenelm’s Well on your right.

St Kenelm’s Well
St Kenelm’s Well

Continue ahead to a gate, by a field gate, and head uphill towards a gate on the horizon.

Shortly before the top of the hill by the disused pig pen F, turn left through a gate onto an enclosed path beside the pig pen to a another gate. Follow the right hand field boundary until you come to a pair of gates by a small tree plantation. Go through into the field, keeping close to the tree line on your right and drop down to a gate in the bottom right hand corner, after about 400 metres. G

Cross and turn right to continue downhill, keeping the hedge line on your right, to the bottom corner of the field and a gate. Cross and continue by the fence before following the field boundary towards a gap in the hedge. Continue diagonally down  across the next field, through a gate and continue to meet a footbridge in the hedgerow. Enter the next field and bear left, passing a telegraph pole on your right, to a metal gate by a road.

Turn right onto the tarmac road and after approximately 200 metres turn left at a gate, signposted Gloucestershire Way and cross the field, towards houses, to a path. Bear left onto the path, through a gate and walk along an enclosed path alongside a house, to a road.

Turn right onto the road and follow it over the bridge and up Castle Street to arrive in the centre of Winchcombe. Turn left and Cowl Lane, which leads to the car park, is 40 metres ahead, on your right.

WWaW hope you enjoy the walk, however the walk is undertaken at your sole risk and WWaW have no responsibility for loss, damage, injury or interpretation. Every possible care has been taken to ensure the information given was accurate at the time of creation.