Prescott to Winchcombe

Prescott to Winchcombe Linear Bus Walk

Bus service 606 out to Prescott, a hamlet to the west of Winchcombe and walk back. Follow the Tirle Brook between Langley and Nottingham hills. The Tirle Brook rises on Langley Hill and flows north west to meet the River Avon at Tewkesbury. There are fine views to the Salt Way on the return to Winchcombe.

Distance: 3 miles / 5 km
Duration: 1.5 hours (walking)
Difficulty: Easy
Start of walk: Prescott Hill Climb
Grid ref: SP 985/297
OS maps: Outdoor Leisure 45, Landranger 163
Refreshments: None on route.
Ascent: 315 feet/96 metres
Descent: 361 feet/110 metres

This walk needs to be planned in conjunction with the 606 bus timetable available at:
No Sunday service.

Start from Back Lane car park entrance, turn right to the corner with North Street. (This will mean crossing the road twice to access the pavement). Turn right and the bus stop is 20 metres along, on the opposite side of the road.

Ask the driver to be dropped off at the Prescott Hill Climb, a request stop reached after about 10 minutes. The bus passes through Gretton on a scenic route round Langley Hill with good views of the hills to the north and west of Winchcombe.

Leave the bus at Prescott hill climb and walk back about 50 metres to the junction on the bend of the road. A Turn right by the ‘No through road’ sign and walk along the lane past The Mill House and Middle Hill Farm. The lane then descends and rises again to the gateway of Manor Farm. Go through the metal gate by the bridleway sign on the left just before Manor Farm. Across the vale behind you is the sixteenth century Manor on Dixton Hill.

Follow the bridleway past Manor Farm. Keep left with the path at the Y-junction near the end of the farm buildings, ignoring the track rising to the right. The Tirle Brook can be heard in the valley on the left. Continue along the path with trees on the right then go through a gate, and carry on past ‘Johnny’s Wood’ on the right. Walk through a wooded area to an open meadow, bear left and walk uphill towards the gate on the skyline ahead.

Look ahead to a small wood and cross the wide field, aiming to pass close to the right hand side of that wood B (‘Frog Wood’) to a wooden gate. From here you can see the unusual carving, to your left, just inside the wood.

Pass through the gate and walk alongside a wire fence on your right, passing close to an electricity supply pole, to reach a gate straight ahead. Go through this gate and walk through the field aiming for a small metal gate (the first of two metal gates) on the left, set back in the hedge. This is the public right of way but is not signposted as such. Turn right to reach Langley Road. C  Turn left and follow the lane for about 1½ miles (2.4km) back to Winchcombe.

The lane ascends past an attractive stand of tall oak trees, goes under the pylon lines then rises and falls on the way back to Winchcombe. Fine views unfold to the right of Cleeve Hill, then of Salter’s Hill. Notice later the horseshoe of beech trees on the left.

Once within Winchcombe, follow Langley Road to the junction with Back Lane and Malthouse Lane at a mini-roundabout. Bear left down Back Lane to your starting point.

Frog Wood
Frog Wood

WWaW hope you enjoy the walk, however the walk is undertaken at your sole risk and WWaW have no responsibility for loss, damage, injury or interpretation. Every possible care has been taken to ensure the information given was accurate at the time of creation.