The Windrush Way

The Windrush Way – Winchcombe to Bourton on the Water

The Windrush Way was created in the 1980s by the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens.

Distance: 13.5 miles
Duration: 6 – 6.5 hours
Start: Abbey Terrace, Winchcombe
Refreshments: None on route

It is advisable to use this map along with Ordnance Survey Explorer map OL45.

Leave Back Lane car park via the far corner access into Cowl Lane. Turn right and follow the road to the High Street. Turn left and carefully cross the main street to the other side. Continue along to Castle Street on your right by the White Hart pub. 

Turn right into Castle Street and continue down the street crossing Silk Mill Lane and continue before taking the footpath on your right immediately after the entrance to Sudeley Castle Cottages signposted Windrush Way.  Go up the flight of steps and through the gate.  Cross the field keeping close to the right hand boundary fence until you come to another gate on the far right side.  Go through and follow the path to your immediate left by the fence for 100 metres down to the drive.  Cross and follow the track opposite through a gate/field gate. Walk alongside the adventure playground on the left towards the castle.  Bear right away from the playground and head to a metal gate beside a fieldgate. Go through and the path splits. Take the right hand path towards the far right hand corner of the field to cross a stream and continue ahead to a gate by a field gate 1.

Go through and turn immediately right over a concrete bridge.  In 20 metres turn left to meet another gate, before you reach the road.  Go through and follow the path diagonally across the field through a gateway and across another field to a gate in the top right hand corner.  Continue along path along the fields edge over 3 stiles and down to a gate.  Go through the gate and up the short slope, through another gate and continue straight ahead for 300 metres across the field to meet a track 2. Bear left along the track, through another gate and follow the track round to the left through the farm buildings to meet a stile/field gate. Go through to follow the track for 1 mile (1.6km) up the hill passing through another stile/field gate and a large house on your right, until you reach the road 3. Turn right along the road for 300 metres to a crossroads, turn left and walk 300 metres uphill.

Opposite the entrance to Roel Hill Farm turn right down the path along the edge of a field to meet a gate. Continue uphill and across the field to meet another gate in a dip. Cross the next field to a field gate in the right hand corner.  Join a track and continue for 200 metres before turning sharp left, before a barn 4.

Walk along the edge of 3 fields until you meet a gate in front of a track.  Cross the track and bear slightly right through the field gate opposite with the field boundary now on your left, (do not go through the small private gate). Continue across the field and over a stile, where the boundary swaps to your right, and down to meet a stile/field gate.  Follow the track to meet a road.  


Turn left along the road, following it round past Hawling Lodge, to a field gate on the road bend, on your right.  Go through the gate straight across the field to a gate. Continue ahead over a small stream and bear left, following the direction of the stream, to a gate. Continue ahead across the next field to meet another gate adjacent to the entrance to Tally Ho House. 

Here, turn right along the track and continue for approx ½ mile (0.8km) before the track splits. Follow the left hand track round the top of the wood and up a field keeping to the right hand field boundary. Meet a gate and squeeze stile before a second gate by the B4068.  Turn right along the road and in 50 metres cross the road to a stile. Cross the stile and continue straight ahead across the field to a stile in the top right hand corner. Cross the stile and follow the right hand field edge and go through a gap in the corner before following the left hand field boundary for approx 150 metres to meet a field gate.

Turn sharp left in front of the field gate 5 and go through the gate, following the right hand boundary round to another gate. Continue on the path following the drystone wall on your right until you reach a track. Turn left along the track and follow it for approx ¾ mile (1.2km) past the clay pigeon shoot and a barn. Continue straight on along now a path, following the right hand field boundary of 2 fields to reach a field gate.  Go through the field gate and continue along the valley bottom to another field gate on your left.  Go through the field gate and follow the track past buildings. The track bears left and uphill, go through a field gate and after 20 metres bear right through another field gate onto a road.

Cross the road and continue ahead through a field gate heading for the bottom right hand corner of the field and a field gate. Join a track and turn left through the field gate before continuing ahead with the wood on your right to meet another field gate.  Go through and at the end of the wood continue ahead with the stream on your right to a gate. 

Go through and follow the path up the side of the slope (ignore the left hand path straight up the slope) to meet another path. Turn right and go down to the valley bottom to a stone bridge. (There is no official path along the valley bottom). Cross the stone bridge over the stream and go through the gate on your left.  Continue down the valley bottom with the stream on your left through 3 fields via a stile and field gate.  Approx.100 metres past the field gate bear right up across the slope to a gate 6.

Go through onto the road and turn left, walk 100 metres downhill then turn right over a stile next to a field gate.  Continue ahead across the field, over a stile to join the stream.  Walk alongside the stream through 2 fields, through a field gate (2 stiles option) then across the field and through a field gate.  In the third field, after 50 metres, leave the stream and follow the path ahead, diagonally up and across the slope and into the wood.  At the top of the hill turn right through a field gate and follow the left hand field edge to another field gate, before shortly entering the woods. 

 Follow the path through the woods for approx 800 metres before the path turns right to meet a wall.  Turn left, following the wall and then the field boundary to reach a track. Bear right along the track and go through the gate on the right. Continue across the next field to a gate to the right of a stone barn.  Go through the gate to meet a drive and turn right to meet the road 7.

Turn left and follow the road downhill, over the bridge and uphill past Little Aston Mill. Continue along the path to a junction of paths and bear right into the woods.  Follow the edge of the woods through a gate and into a field.  Follow the right hand field edge through gates and down to meet the road.

Cross the Fosse Way (A429), take care crossing this busy road. Carry on down Lansdowne keeping the river on your right.  After 200 metres, past the first house on the right, turn right down an alleyway.  Follow the path to the river, crossing over the bridge then along the bank, the river now on your left.  Pass through a gate then follow the path alongside the fence through a gate to an alleyway between the houses. 

At the road turn left and in 150 metres arrive at the war memorial in Bourton-on-the- Water.


WWaW hope you enjoy the walk, however the walk is undertaken at your sole risk and WWaW have no responsibility for loss, damage, injury or interpretation. Every possible care has been taken to ensure the information given was accurate at the time of creation.