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Winchcombe Pottery

Home Pottery maker Becketts Lane, Greet GL54 5NU
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In 1946 Finch bought the business from Cardew and restarted the pottery with the help of Sidney Tustin. Students joined the pottery staff to learn the craft as they worked and many of them subsequently went on to be established potters in their own right. But the business was not as successful as hoped and in the early 1950s, the pottery was downsized. The last bottle kiln firing took place in 1954.

Finch started experiments with stoneware in 1952. A new stoneware kiln was built and slipware production continued using electric kilns until 1964 when all production switched to stoneware. In 1974 a wood fired kiln was built to replace the oil fired kiln for stoneware production and is still in use.

Two of Ray Finch’s sons followed their father’s career. Mike Finch runs Winchcombe Pottery and Joe Finch runs his own pottery in Wales. Ray Finch, who continued work into his nineties, died on 18 January 2012.

The Pottery continues to produce production wares with one offs and specials available in the shop. A small selection of slipware has been reintroduced to the shop. 

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