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The museum illustrates the heritage and lives of the ordinary people of the ancient town of Winchcombe.  Many objects given by cottage dwellers and farm workers of the time are in the Victorian kitchen and agricultural displays.

The museum traces Winchcombe’s history with information panels and displays including finds from neolithic Belas Knap and local Roman sites, stones and carving from our ancient, vanished Benedictine Abbey, Civil War relics and information on 17th century tobacco growing.
The large 19th century collection includes the North Street Toll Board, town posters and school, personal, domestic and agricultural items used by local people. The two world wars and changes in Winchcombe in the 20th century conclude the displays.

The Museum has numerous photographs of old Winchcombe, and some newer ones to record changes to the town.  Just inside the Museum, you will see a picture viewer which will show a selection of the pictures – they change about every ten seconds.


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