Walk 6 Dig the Tudors

With kind permission of Sudeley Castle we visit the property to gain an insight into an important archaeological dig about to start. A recent geophysical survey has revealed that a mysterious hump in one of the castle’s fields is surrounded by the ghostly layout of a nearly perfect, undisturbed Tudor garden. This could be one of only two remaining gardens in England where the original Tudor paths survive.

To celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of St Kenelm we visit St Kenelm’s Well on route and stop for refreshments.  Please bring refreshments.

(In AD 819, Coenwulf of Mercia died leaving sibling rivalry. Kenelm’s sister envied her little brother and thought that, if he were killed, she might become Queen. Kenelm was murdered in the Clent Hills and his body returned to Winchcombe Abbey by monks. Legend states wherever the monks struck their staffs into the ground, a spring burst forth. A thousand years later we walk to the spring, St Kenelms Well).

Start time: 12.45

End time: 16.30

Distance: 4 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Meeting Point: Abbey Fields, Winchcombe

Cost per person: £5

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