Walk 22 Sudeley Castle and the Civil War

We take an indirect route to arrive at Sudeley Castle where we will enter the grounds to visit the church. Here, the Castle’s story during the Civil War will be brought to life before you with an educational talk from one of the castle’s knowledgeable guides.

Situated midway between the King’s headquarters at Oxford and the staunchly loyal West Country, Sudeley’s strategic importance to the Royalists was soon apparent, and Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Charles’ dashing cavalry commander, made it his headquarters.

The Castle came under siege twice during the Civil War, the second time saw the Castle slighted, so that by 1649 Sudeley’s days as a military stronghold were over for good and it lay in ruins. Opportunity to purchase refreshments afterwards.




Start time: 9.45

End time: 12.30

Distance: 3.5 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Meeting Point: Abbey Fields, Winchcombe

Cost per person: £6

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