Walk 14 Cleeve Hill and its social history

Transport to Cleeve Hill, where we explore the common to look for fascinating features that explain the social history of the area.  We will look at the development of Cleeve Hill as a leisure destination and a health resort in the nineteenth century. We will also see how the topography shaped industrial development in the North Cotswolds.The walk returns via the abandoned Wontley Farm and Belas Knap where  we look look at the Common’s importance back through the Saxon period and as far back as prehistoric times. Bring a picnic lunch.

The Walking Festival is now closed for online bookings. We are making the final preparations for the festival.
Please ring 07858 471852 if you wish to enquire on spaces available and make a late booking.

Start time: 9.40

End time: 14.00

Distance: 6 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Meeting Point: Abbey Fields, Winchcombe

Cost per person: £6

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