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Disabled Ramblers group visit Winchcombe

Winchcombe welcomes all types of walkers

It was nice to see an intrepid group from ‘Disabled Ramblers’ come to Winchcombe this week for a 9 mile ramble into the Cotswold Hills.

The research for the ramble was carried out by Paul Clark together with some local farmers permission to stray slightly off the public right of way, a suitable route was found. They group enjoyed a mixture of paths, tracks, green lanes and metalled lanes. They ascended to the Salt Way and along to Roel Gate before returning along the Windrush Way.

East meets West

Winchcombe welcomes Professors from Japan

A group of professors visited Winchcombe as part of their research tour, visiting six Walkers are Welcome accredited towns.

During their stay at the White Hart Inn organised by WWaW, they walked on the new Riverside Path and visited Sudeley Castle to understand access to the countryside from a landowners perspective. After lunch they went to the Cotswold